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Sustainable Desert Serenity in Scottsdale

This project was driven by a commitment to sustainability and repurposing existing materials, seamlessly blending the old with the new while minimizing waste. The goal was to transform the backyard into a lush garden oasis with a low-water and low-maintenance design. Despite challenges posed by the property's proximity to the golf course and specific guidelines, a harmonious integration of desert plant life and low-water lush plants was achieved. Reusing existing materials and replacing natural grass with synthetic turf minimized water usage, while strategic plant placement utilized run-off water for sustainable irrigation. Navigating the constraints imposed by the Country Club, the project created a cohesive outdoor space and repurposed cobblestones to bridge the gap between the golf course and the rear of the property. This project achieved a balance between ecological consciousness and aesthetic beauty, allowing the garden oasis to coexist harmoniously with the golf course backdrop, providing the clients with a serene and vibrant landscape that aligns with their vision and respects the natural resources of the community.

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