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Sports Loving Paradise in North Scottsdale

This extraordinary backyard is designed to accommodate an active lifestyle, providing the ultimate gathering space for the entire family and guests. With an array of recreational features, including pickleball and bocce ball courts, a sunken seating fire pit, pool, soccer field, putting green, and sprawling turf lawns, this thrilling space offers endless opportunities for enjoyment. At its heart, a stunning shade structure matches the home's style while providing respite from the sun. With natural slate, a fireplace, and a stained wood structure, it creates a warm and inviting ambiance. Through creative solutions, this backyard paradise achieves a harmonious balance, becoming a central hub for sports, leisure activities, and cherished memories. It epitomizes an active and enjoyable lifestyle, offering a sanctuary for every family member to partake in their favorite activities and create extraordinary moments of fun and togetherness.

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